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Land Acknowledgement Guide

In celebration of Indigenous People’s Day, HOC drafted this land acknowledgement guide to help us remember the history of the lands we inhabit and recreate upon. The guide contains many of HOC’s most popular destinations and the native history accompanying these locations. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion of our organization, we encourage you to peruse the guide and consider the complicated history of outdoor recreation and how we can best acknowledge that history.

Responsible Outdoor Recreation Guide

As we continue to enjoy the outdoors during the current age of COVID 19, it is important that we as a community behave responsibly with the safety of ourselves and others in mind. HOC has drafted a Responsible Outdoor Recreation guide with links to state and local guidance on outdoor recreational activities. The guide also contains information about regional hikes and other recreation suggestions, so it is definitely worth reading to see what other people in your area recommend. This is a living document, so if you find something is missing or want to add your favorite hike to the list, then please do so! We encourage your contribution and wish everyone health, safety, and rejuvenation in the outdoors.

Join our Mailing list

The email list is the best way to find out about HOC events, updates, and is also the best way for you to contact us! With this year being mostly remote and no trips each weekend, your inbox won’t be filled by us, but we will let you know about our upcoming events and challenges. The email list is a great first step and no more commitment is necessary to be part of the HOC community. If you are interested in becoming more involved with HOC, consider applying to be a leader.

Feedback Form

Current HOC leaders, this feedback form is for you! This form will always be available for you to provide input (anonymous if you choose) to the HOC board about the future of the organization, problems with safety, problems with inclusion, or other issues. All ideas are welcome (not only limited to pressing concerns) and we look forward to hearing from you. This is the same form included in the weekly newsletter and the form will be permanently available on the JEDI page as well as the For Leaders page.

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