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Welcome to our newest trainee class!

On Friday, September 23, HOC initiated our newest class of fantastic leader trainees, wacky hats and all! We’ve been training leaders in the outdoors since 1939, but these might just be our best yet. We can’t wait for you to meet them, so keep an eye on this page — we’ll be putting their bios online in the next week or so!

Psst, first-years! Get outside!

The Harvard Outing Club is the perfect group for anyone interested in joining or leading trips to go hiking, apple picking, cross country skiing, bike riding or any other fun outdoor adventure. Our mission is to bring people in the Harvard community outside regardless of prior experience. “All are welcome” is our motto and we strive to live by it. If you want to come on our adventures you can join the mailing list and sign up for trips whenever you want; the first ambled off to the woods Labor Day weekend, and this train ain’t stopping!

Join our Mailing List!

The email list is the best way to find out about HOC events and updates, and it’s also the best way for you to contact us! It’s relatively low-traffic, with only a few emails a week. Most of those will be from our leaders announcing the trips they’re leading.

Feedback Form

Current HOC leaders, this feedback form is for you! This form will always be available for you to provide input (anonymous if you choose) to the HOC board about the future of the organization, problems with safety, problems with inclusion, or other issues. All ideas are welcome (not only limited to pressing concerns) and we look forward to hearing from you. This is the same form included in the weekly newsletter and the form will be permanently available on the JEDI page as well as the For Leaders page.

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