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Cameron Maltman – 2020
Cameron hails from rural Canada where he learned, among other things, the call of the moose, how to properly wear a flannel shirt, and the true meaning of the word “eh”. He is known at Harvard as the kid who likes “canoes and stuff”. Cameron dislikes weekends not spent outside, sitting still, and getting less than 7 hours of sleep. He enjoys hiking, white-water canoeing, weekends spent in a tent and building stuff (some would call it engineering). His love for the outing club is only matched by his love for maple syrup and HUDS stuffed chicken.
Sophie Pesek – 2020
Sophie “Stilts” Pesek is easy to spot at a distance because of her height and tendency to only wear clothing with animals on it. She grew up in Cambridge before being sent off to boarding school in New Hampshire, where she survived by spending all of her time in the woods. Now that she’s back in Cambridge, she tries to return to the NH wilderness whenever she can. When she’s not studying Environmental Engineering or walking to and from Pfoho, she loves to spend time sailing, skiing, and listening to sci-fi books as she runs.

Molly LeavensMolly Leavens – 2020
Molly is studying environmental science and public policy with a focus in food systems. She enjoys ALL sports, cooking, playing guitar, making art, and making people uncomfortable. Additionally, she loves to make chocolate pudding in large camping pots for Will Li. She is currently in a long-distance relationship with her cat and dreams at night about a peanut butter/nutella/marshmallow fluff/cookie butter ice cream flavor. She resides from Utah, currently lives in the CoOp, and loves HOC more than a hawk likes mice.
Lars Hornburg – 2020
Lars was raised in the beauty of northern Michigan and grew up working in the vineyards of Traverse City. He was shaped by the the scenic landscape much like the fine Chardonnay wines he worked to create, and while some say his smile is equally sweet and intoxicating, his personality has a complexity more akin to a Cardboardeaux. In addition to his love of hiking, he enjoys racing as a member of Harvard’s Alpine Ski Team, and watercolor painting. He has few accomplishments in life but hopes to limit his negative impact on society by concentrating in environmental science and public policy. Despite his general lack of achievement, he is a very proud owner of possibly the largest collection of Patagonia fleeces in the contiguous US.
David Lu – 2020
David was raised in Houston, Texas and therefore owns a single, lone pair of long pants. He can be found hiking and rafting in Big Bend National Park, or exploring restaurants all over Houston. He enjoys eating barbeque, eating Tex-mex, and eating sushi, so basically he just likes eating food in general. His other hobbies include running, playing squash, and meditating.
Jeyna Doshi – 2020
Jeyna grew up in the oldest town in Connecticut, known for its small town feel and numerous tobacco farms (which make for a great summer job!). As a youngling, she disliked most things that had to do with nature, much to her mother’s disappointment. Nowadays the tides have turned, and she dislikes anything that keeps her inside. She begins having ski dreams around the beginning of July (this year it was June) and waits another agonizing five months (or more) for the snow to come. During the other three seasons of the year, she enjoys hiking anywhere she can to satisfy her hunger for the mountains. When not biking to-and-from her wonderful home in Cabot, Jeyna can be found playing soccer, practicing yoga, gazing at the stars (without ever remembering what she’s looking at), or baking treats to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Kira Telgen -2020
Kira grew up on a tiny island off the gulf coast of Florida without a single mountain (or hill) in sight but somehow still managed to get passionate about climbing big things. She spends the majority of her semesters loitering around Cabot dining hall and her summers commercially salmon fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. You can usually find her with a coke zero in hand professing the merits of platform tevas or planning yet another cross country road trip.

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