Harvard Outing Club

Declaration of Risk

Full Med-form and Waiver

Assumption of Risk (By Trip Participant)

A. The Member hereby acknowledges that his or her participation in HOC Activities is voluntary. In participating, the Member is fully aware of and understands the risks inherent in each Activity, which include risks associated with travel to and from the Activity and participation in the Activity itself. The Member recognizes and accepts the element of uncertainty and risk inherent in travel and in exploring a rural or wilderness environment far from medical care, including without limitation, injuries caused by other participants, equipment malfunction, falls, insects, animals or misjudgment of the Member or others.

B. The HOC, and the President and Fellows of Harvard College (including its constituent schools and departments, officers, employees, and members of its governing boards (“Harvard”)) assume no responsibility for any accidents, illnesses, or disabilities incurred by the Member in connection with his or her participation in any HOC Activity or for conditions he or she may experience in the course of an HOC Activity. Further, the Member understands that the HOC and Harvard can make no representations about the accuracy of information supplied by individuals who are not agents or representatives of the HOC or Harvard and over whom neither the HOC nor Harvard has control. The HOC and Harvard also assume no responsibility for personal effects of the Member, either in transit or at final destinations.

C. The Member agrees to abide by all policies and instructions that are deemed necessary by the HOC Senior Leader (the “Senior Leader”) and her/his designee for the safety and comfort of Members

D. The Member hereby authorizes the Senior Leader to provide emergency medical treatment in the event of any accident or illness sustained by the Member during an Activity. The Member agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the HOC, the Senior Leader and Harvard for any and all actions taken by the HOC or the Senior Leader to provide necessary emergency medical care to the Member during any Activity.

E. Accordingly, the Member releases the HOC, the Senior Leader and Harvard from any and all liability or claims arising out of property damage, personal injury (including death), charges, actions, expenses or other losses that the Member may suffer or incur arising out of or as a result of his or her participation in an HOC Activity or the HOC.

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