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Gear Rental Polices

HOC Gear Rental Agreement

The HOC owns equipment and gear that is available for the use and benefit of HOC Members. In consideration for the benefits received, the Member assumes all risk for any damages or injuries that may be sustained to either person or property while using HOC equipment. HOC equipment may be used solely in accordance with the following conditions:

1. HOC equipment is for personal use by Members – not for rent or lease to third parties.

2. HOC equipment is issued “as is,” and any Member may reject or refuse to use HOC equipment.

3. Each Member who borrows and uses HOC equipment is assumed to have the knowledge and training to verify that the equipment is in working order prior to a trip, event or other HOC activity (collectively, “Activity”), and to use the equipment in a safe manner. If a Member is unfamiliar with the proper use of the equipment, the Member should NOT borrow equipment until he or she acquires proper training and information about use of the equipment.

4. While the HOC will strive keep equipment in reasonably usable condition, each Member who borrows HOC equipment assumes the risks of using equipment that may have been used repeatedly and extensively by other Members who may have damaged the equipment during previous use or may not have reported problems with the equipment. Each Member is expected to familiarize her or him self with the specific equipment being borrowed and to test the equipment before use. HOC MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE CONSTRUCTION, CONDITION, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS, OR ADEQUACY OF THE HOC EQUIPMENT FOR ANY TYPE OF USE OR IN ANY PARTICULAR ACTIVITY.

5. Members are expected to report promptly to the HOC Equipment Director or HOC Officers any problems relating to the condition or usability of HOC equipment.

6. Members may return equipment to the HOC only at the posted times, unless prior arrangement are made with the HOC Equipment Director (for unusual circumstances only).

7. A security deposit, to be paid by check or credit card, is required each time a Member borrows HOC equipment, which amount is determined by HOC Officers. HOC Officers establish each semester a maximum value of equipment that may be borrowed by each Member, which may have the effect of limiting some Members from borrowing all the equipment they hope to use.

8. Members will be assessed a fine for lost or damaged equipment at the current retail price of that equipment. Equipment that is kept by a Member for more than 30 days after the due date, without the prior agreement of the HOC Equipment Director will be assumed to be lost or stolen. Its full replacement cost will be deducted from the security deposit of the Member who borrowed it.

9. Members are expected to return all equipment clean and in useable condition. Tents, packs, sleeping bags, etc. should be brushed and/or sponged clean and dry, but never laundered. Stoves should be free from all food and food traces; and pots, pans and utensils should be scrubbed clean. Clothing must be laundered, or the Member who borrowed it will pay a laundering fee at the rate determined by Harvard Student Agencies.

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