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Cameron Maltman (VP ’19) and Meaghan Townsend (P ’21) admire the view off Mt. Bond

At least a couple weekends a month, the Outing Club runs official trips of varying difficulties and types, from easy day hikes and adventures around Boston to multi-day cabin and backpacking trips in New Hampshire and Maine. All of these trips are led by at least two trained and certified HOC leaders, planned fully in advance, and open to all dues-paid club members. The only costs are to cover trip expenses, and therefore vary based on transportation, food, cabin fees, etc. However, financial aid is always available no questions asked (check out our Financial Aid form). Especially for those with limited outdoors experience, transportation, or familiarity with New England, official trips are a great opportunity to escape Cambridge for a few hours or days! All trips are announced about a week in advance over the email list.

In addition, the HOC is a great resource for helping plan individual or group adventures based on past trip reports and route recommendations. If you are thinking about planning a trip on your own and aren’t sure where to start, you can check out our Cambridge Outdoor Guide (a living document). If you aren’t sure what you might need for a summer or winter trip, you can consult our Gear Guide for explanations of each gear item and what we have available for rent. If you need more advice, recommendations, or assistance in planning your weekend fun, stop by office hours!

Learn more about our liability waivers and policies! Here for gear policies and Here for trip policies, also check out our full med-form and waiver Here.

Be sure to look at our declaration of risk page as well!

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