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Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion

HOC has long played a part in a broader outdoors community that has been historically exclusive and accessible only to the most privileged. In carrying out our mission, we aim to provide gear, knowledge and experiences to all who seek it. We also recognize that we must examine our own biases and blind spots in order to be a more inclusive community. To this end, we share here resources that we as a club have availed ourselves of in order to consider more thoughtfully what the outdoors means to different groups, and how to ensure that the outdoors community is one that becomes more accessible to people and more considerate of the land. If you have questions about HOC’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives or work, please feel free to contact any member of our board. We have also created a feedback form for leaders (anonymity is optional) to report problems and suggest ideas for the the future of HOC.

Justice in June

In June 2020, HOC utilized a free resource compiled by Autumn Gupta and Bryanna Wallace titled Justice in June, which offered multiple pathways for engagement with racial justice, sensitivity and awareness. 

In that month, HOC held weekly meetings to discuss these readings, audio tools and videos, and provided and discussed additional resources that related to racial issues in the context of the outdoors and/or hiking community.

The larger justice in June document is linked above. The resources we discussed are below:

BIPOC Outdoor Social Media Accounts to Follow

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