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Directions to the Cabin

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  1. Get on 93N. It’s best to cross the JFK bridge and head down Storrow Drive towards downtown; follow the signs to 93N and you’ll be set.
  2. Take 93N for about 10 miles to exit 37 to 95N. Pay attention — it comes up quick!
  3. Stay on 95N for 48 miles. Just south of Portsmouth, NH, take the exit for Route 16 North (it splits, you want to be on the left).
  4. Stay on 16N for a long time. In Conway, stay on 16N; it turns left.
  5. You’ll go through the mecca of North Conway. Stay on 16N. You’ll pass through Glen and Jackson and you’ll be near.
  6. The cabin is 6.1 miles north of the route 302/route 16 intersection at Glen NH. Head north from the junction until you pass Washburn Way on your right. About 200 feet after you pass it, you’ll come to a wide shoulder on the right side of the road with a slightly smaller shoulder on the left. You will see a driveway with a chain across it heading into the woods on the right side of the road. The cabin is 150 feet from the road. It has dark brown wood plank siding, a green door, green trim, and a very large green gas tank in the front yard. If you hit the Dana Place Inn, you’ve gone too far; turn around and head south 1.25 miles.

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