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Defeated at the Dome

Excerpt from an AllTrails review of Carter Dome Trail:

So it started with two miles of posthole-ing which made my friends not stoked. Then we reached Satan’s maelstrom, otherwise know as the first river. The trail was completely obliterated so I had to spelunk through powder drifts to get to this rotten log across the river. In an attempt to impress my group I went full Alex Honnold Free Solo on this log with disastrous results. Crossing that vindictive log was the equivalent of running sandpaper across my rear admiral. I’ll leave off the description of the transition from river 1 —> 2 but it was the darkness. River 2 is when I truly came face to face with Lucifer. Deeper water and a lack of accessible trees made us look like turning back. somehow one of the group managed to cross with dry feat. *Dearest lord in heaven I have to cross this river don’t i* Not to be outdone I pulled of my shoes and socks and attempted to Washington-on-the-Delaware this river. It felt like I fought the entire revolutionary war across those Devils waters. In summary: 4 hours, 2 miles, soaking wet, emotionally drained, and a complete loss of face in front of my group. Thanks Carter Dome, I’ll be back.


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